LEFT Lefteris Papazoglou

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International Photographer and artist Lefteris Papazoglou, more popularly known as is professional name Left was born and raised in Greece where he still resides. A gifted artist, Left’s artistic career and focus has always been towards his photographic art works which are both cinematic, performative, poetic and theatrical. Left has skillfully created a body of work that is simultaneously lyrical and mysterious, jubilant yet poetic. Employing these paradoxes, he skillfully applies his raw talent into different works that always create a sense of flux, depth and dominance.

Since his emergence, Left has blended the concerns and methods of both abstract and conceptual art with photography and process to create his own unique iconography of tense emotions as he explores the human condition. Uplifting and engaging, in a time when both art and society lacks such qualities, Lefts artwork takes elemental images and ideas, transforming through the camera lens, into an interactive, thought provoking experience for the viewer.

Inspired and influenced by both painters and photographers alike, his work aliens a painterly, dramatic feeling. Influenced by masters Frantisek Drtikol, Brassai, and Francis Bacon, his work he re-establishes a flair and commitment to process of photography not seen in decades. Contrasts in scale, shifts in focus, mirrored reflections, staccato images, and multiple or layered surfaces, effortlessly capture the mood and the spirit of art, allowing the viewer to connect and experience the very act of creativity on an innate level.

His work is intense, yet moving, powerful yet sensitive.